Office Cleaning & Pantry Lady Services

As one of the leading cleaning service providers in Singapore, our trained cleaners are confident to bring you high-quality cleaning services and reliable customer support. We specialise in office cleaning services and have worked with many reputed companies in the CBD, leaving their offices polished and clean.

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Product Benefit

  • Healthier work environment – Cleaning cobwebs, dust and food residue that accumulate easily improves the health of your workers especially people with allergies.
  • Peace of mind – Trust that professional cleaning staff will take care of your workplace so that your business and colleagues can better channel their focus on things that generate income.
  • Look professional – Clean spaces are inviting and conducive to conduct business and meetings with clients and your team will work better when the workspace is clear of clutter.


  • Wiping tables and chairs
  • Vacuuming and mopping floor
  • Clearing waste bins
  • Wiping glass doors and panels
  • Cleaning meeting rooms
  • Wiping telephones and work stations
  • Cleaning furniture and fittings
  • Cleaning and managing pantry area
  • Serving drinks to guests and other pantry lady services
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